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Inspiring Excellence. Inspired Students.

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Community Update

Dear Owen J. Roberts Families,


A committee of stakeholders including students, parents, teachers, and administrators have been working together to discuss school start times and adolescent sleep.  This group of approximately 30 participants has:

  • Reviewed relevant research
  • Discussed the current academic schedule and extra-curricular opportunities for K-12 students
  • Learned about the High School program of studies including new cyber and hybrid courses
  • Reviewed the transportation schedules and costs for the entire school district
  • Discussed potential survey questions for our community related to this topic

This committee will be meeting again in December to further discuss the potential survey questions.  The research articles, presentations, and an informational video about this topic are all posted below. We are still in the investigatory stages of this process as are a few neighboring school districts in the county.  Therefore, there is no imminent decision before the Board of School Directors.  We will post additional information as it becomes available in addition to providing a public presentation to the School Board after the new year.  


Michael L. Christian, Ed.D. 

Superintendent of Schools