Inspiring Excellence. Inspired Students.

Inspiring Excellence. Inspired Students.

Help me keep you all healthy!

Quick Reminders

  • I wanted to send out a quick reminder about our illness policy. If your child vomits at home or is sent home with vomiting, suspected to be a bug/flu, please keep your child home for 24 hours after the final vomiting episode. When they return to school too soon, they are often times still dehydrated and weak and may also infect others. This illness spreads very quickly in a school setting. Allow them time to recover and return to a regular eating and drinking schedule.

    Also, please enforce hand washing and covering of cough and sneeze with sleeve at home. I have 3 great video's under "Tid Bit's for Kids" that show proper hand washing and reinforce prevention of spreading germs.

    Lastly, when calling the attendance line, please include a detail for the absence. Not feeling well or sick does not provide enough information for me to track illness trends in school. Fever, vomiting, sore throat are all better descriptors. Mrs. Banks and I are the only ones to hear these messages.